About Us

I am a British National who has resided in Phuket since 2009, with my son and husband, who are both Thai citizens. I have been specializing in Phuket Real Estate since 2011, with an emphasis on investment properties of all price ranges for foreign nationals to Thailand.

I work exclusively with my private client base to provide the best individual service, opportunity, and personal satisfaction to meet their goals. Whether a client wants to invest, re-sell, rent, renovate or flip a property, I have the tools and resources available to assist and provide inside knowledge to some of the best and most lucrative property deals inside the Kingdom of Thailand.
Phuket is a growing international destination with lots of opportunity and growth potential, which I am happy to share with my clients.

I sincerely look forward to making a your dreams of owning a exotic property in tropical Phuket a reality. If you would like to learn a bit more about how I can assist you, then please be sure to get in contact. You can find more details about how to contact me on the Contact Us page and we will get straight on to your request.


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